Please note this is NOT the website for Sherwood Environmental Village Ltd but that of history for the venue created in 1996.

The Energy Village will be an example for sustainable living
Sherwood Energy Village
"Delivering practical regeneration that won’t cost the Earth –
A nice place to live, work, learn and play."

We support
Green Ideas

A sustainable future for all

Sustainable development offers real, lasting solutions that will strengthen our future, while traditional approaches can lead to congestion, sprawl, pollution and resource over consumption. It provides a framework under which communities can use resources efficiently, create efficient infrastructures, protect and enhance quality of life, and create new businesses to strengthen their economies. It can help us create healthy communities that can sustain our generation, as well as those who follow.

Licensed rubbish removals in Kent & surrounding areas

A way you can contribute to the environment is by preventing the waste you produced from being sent to the landfill.

Over half of all contents sent there can be recycled, however as many people are unaware of what can and cannot be recycled, it seems to slip through our fingers.

You can get the help from rubbish clearance experts in Kent. They will be able to take your rubbish away in a safe manner and separate what can be recycled and/or reused.  This will include commercial and domestic waste. See more information.

As many rubbish clearance companies are approved by the Environmental Agency, they have a duty to conserve the environment as much as possible, and through their rubbish clearance service, this is achieved greatly. Call 0800 138 9100 now.


Saving energy with energy efficient light bulbs

A new company ECO Save has become the official retail partner of Philips offering LED Light Bulbs on sale to the general public.

Their wide range of bulbs is an example of their commitment to green innovation... read more

Now also looking at developing energy saving in London and nearby areas available for all businesses and households.