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Heat and Energy

Our systems contain a self-adhesive, which makes the installation of our electric underfloor heating systems much easier and faster than traditional methods. In fact, our underfloor heating systems are so easy to install, you can lay our systems and your choice of flooring in the same day in London and the surrounding areas.

To make installation even less painless, we provide floor plan layouts to assist you with the install of our electric underfloor heating system.

The heating system utilizes an underfloor temperature sensing thermostat that can accommodate a wide range of voltages and if desired, can control many different rooms containing our underfloor heating system. Vacation control and the ability to choose between measuring the heating of floor or air temperature are just some of the functions available with our electric underfloor heating systems thermostats.

ventAnother easy way to control the heat flow in your home is through installing a condensation control system. If there is no clear ventilation for moisture to escape a room, it can result in making walls and windows wet through condensation. As a result of this many homeowners will take the quick solution of opening a window.

Get an experts opinion on your current insulation

The problem now is that you are letting a high proportion of heat out of the room which uses a lot of energy and can highly impact the price of your heating bill. By installing a condensation system in your home, this problem can be resolved whilst keeping the heat in. If you are having the opposite problem and experiencing heat lose within the property you may need some new loft insulation.

Renewable Energy

Our team has more than 20 years experience in renewable energy technology and solutions and can advise on all aspects of sustainable energy from feasibility studies through to turnkey project delivery.

We offer single source or integrated systems, delivering the sustainable energy benefits which best suit your specific requirement and achieve the highest energy efficiencies.


Saving energy with energy efficient light bulbs

A new company ECO Save has become the official retail partner of Philips offering LED Light Bulbs on sale to the general public.

Their wide range of bulbs is an example of their commitment to green innovation... read more

Now also looking at developing energy saving in London and nearby areas available for all businesses and households.