Please note this is NOT the website for Sherwood Environmental Village Ltd but that of history for the venue created in 1996.

The Energy Village will be an example for sustainable living
Sherwood Energy Village
"Delivering practical regeneration that won’t cost the Earth –
A nice place to live, work, learn and play."

We support
Green Ideas

Energy saving

Architectural rooflights that save you money on your energy bills

You can save money on your fuel bills by having rooflights fitted into your property. Not only are rooflights aesthetically appealing for any property, they are designed to be either double or tripled glazed so you can keep the energy inside of your home.

EOS Rooflights have products that are 30% thicker than any other UK supplier of skylights, therefore providing their customers with a safer, more secure rooflight that has incredible energy efficiency features. See what’s available.

Their best rating rooflights comes in at an amazing value of 0.65 W/m2K and the centre pane of this rooflight has a value of just 0.6 W/m2K, giving you peace of mind that their top priority is you and the environment.  Call 020 8462 3557 now.

Saving energy with energy efficient light bulbs

A new company ECO Save has become the official retail partner of Philips offering LED Light Bulbs on sale to the general public.

Their wide range of bulbs is an example of their commitment to green innovation... read more

Now also looking at developing energy saving in London and nearby areas available for all businesses and households.