Please note this is NOT the website for Sherwood Environmental Village Ltd but that of history for the venue created in 1996.

The Energy Village will be an example for sustainable living
Sherwood Energy Village
"Delivering practical regeneration that won’t cost the Earth –
A nice place to live, work, learn and play."

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Background - A sustainable future starts here

                      Sherwood Energy Village is a major initiative for the East Midlands transforming a 91 acre former colliery in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire into an environmental enterprise comprising industry, housing, recreation and leisure. The development was constructed on environmental, ethical and sustainable principles, with on site developments complying to the highest environmental standards.

Safety as a standard

With the mount of work that needs to be done a large number of electricians was used. This lead to a number of smaller companies getting the opportunity to work in the project in various locations. With a large development like this we put safety first on a list of our priorities for both those we have employed and those that live there.

At London Electricians we believe in putting safety first, which is why all of our employees are regularly trained in health and safety procedures and are registered with NICEIC (the consumer safety organisation for the electrical industry). For a fast and safe service see more about our Emergency Services.

Joining us

If you would like to join us it has never been easier. Just send us your application and we will review it shortly. There are some requirements in form of general UK construction workers guidelines and health and safety regulations that you need to know.

Are you hoping to become a construction site manager? You will need to sit the Managerial and Professionals test with CSCS London. Our advisors can help you prepare for you exam when you book today. See more information about the test click here.

            The enterprise does benefit from the utilisation of renewable energy sources for the production of heat and power, therefore addressing concerns about global warming.
The development did address issues such as local employment, travel to work, social inclusion and economic and environmental development.  


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